Physical Chemistry – Gilbert William Castellan – 3rd Edition

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Physical chemistry is the quantitative study of the physical properties of matter, including their transformations. The properties of macroscopic matter at equilibrium (such as the relationships among temperature, pressure, and volume in gases; heat capacity of solids; solubility of saturated solutions; melting and boiling temperatures; and behavior of electrolyte solutions, to name a few) are historically among the earlier interests of physical chemistry.

In this third edition, core applications have been added along with more recent developments in the theories of chemical reaction kinetics and molecular quantum mechanics, as well as in the experimental study of extremely rapid chemical reactions.

* Fully revised concise edition covering recent developments in the field
* Supports student learning with step by step explanation of fundamental principles, an appropriate level of math rigor, and pedagogical tools to aid comprehension
* Encourages readers to apply theory in practical situations

Title: Physical Chemistry
Author: Gilbert William Castellan
Edition: 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0201103877, 9780201103878
Tipe: eBook
Language: English


Category: Chemistry, Physical Chemistry

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